Updated product: EBCDIC Source component "Lysine" from Amino Software

Patrick & Ben at Amino Software have announced a new version of "Lysine," an Integration Services source component for loading EBCDIC data into the data flow of an SSIS package.   I wouldn't know an EBCDIC if one ran up and bit me, so I'll just quote their announcement: Lysine 1.3 Released We are excited to announce that our planned release for 1.2 was merged with features that had been planned for release in 1.3 at a later date. Due to increased international demand, we put a rush on 1... [More]

Import EBCDIC in SSIS packages with updated Lysine 1.1

You can now import EBCDIC data more reliably in SQL Server Integration Services packages with version 1.1 of "Lysine", just announced by Patrick & Ben at Amino Software. If you work with EBCDIC dta, what's in it for you? "The major benefits of Lysine are two-fold: It saves you from having to write a pre-processor to unpack and convert the binary data. It prevents you from having to pre-process the data saving an extra, and many times costly, trip through the data." Here's the features list from t... [More]

New product: EBCDIC Source component from Amino Software

Today Ben Harrell of Amino Software announced their new custom Source component, code-named "Lysine", for importing mainframe EBCDIC data into the data flow of an Integration Services package. The component also includes an EBCDIC connection manager. After Integration Services 2005 hit the streets, it wasn't long before we began seeing questions about EBCDIC imports on both the MSDN forum, and the internal SSIS discussion list a Microsoft. And there were very few satisfactory answer... [More]