Data profiling for SSIS with plug-in rules of your own

Tillman Eitelberg has blogged a sneak preview with screen shots of his company's new datenfabrik.profiler, which will run as a component in the data flow of a SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) package. Till will present the beta version of the component within a few days at SQLBits 7 in York, England. There is not a download available at the present time. One of the most interesting features is that the final version will expose a plug-in architecture that lets you "plug in " additional ... [More]

New product: Data Quality Manager from Australia

Microsoft consultant David Lean from Australia sent us information about a new data quality product from down under named Data Quality Manager. There's a wealth of information about the product on the site. It uses, and integrates with, Integration Services. Here's some information about their SSIS integration: SSIS integration The core components of the products are encapsulated in stored procedures and functions, developed in T-SQL for superior performance. These functions are exposed as ob... [More]