Data profiling for SSIS with plug-in rules of your own

Tillman Eitelberg has blogged a sneak preview with screen shots of his company's new datenfabrik.profiler, which will run as a component in the data flow of a SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) package. Till will present the beta version of the component within a few days at SQLBits 7 in York, England. There is not a download available at the present time. One of the most interesting features is that the final version will expose a plug-in architecture that lets you "plug in " additional ... [More]

New book: Learn some SSIS, help children affected by war

"SQL Server MVP Deep Dives," a result of collaboration among 53 SQL Server MVP's and others, is now available for pre-order. The authors are generously donating all their royalties to a charity for children affected by war. Find out more about the book here: If you were one of the very first readers this morning, sorry about the mis-typed URL. It's working now.) The book contains the following 4 chapters on SQL Server Integration Servic... [More]

Learn more about Data Profiling in SQL 2008: A compilation

Microsoft Research contributed the Data Profiling Task and Data Profile Viewer to Integration Services in SQL Server 2008. Best of all, this feature is available in all editions of SQL Server that include SSIS, and not just in Enterprise. Learn more about this new task from the following resources. By their nature, SSIS package developers see the XML output from the Data Profiling task, and immediately want to process it in an SSIS package! I've marked the 3 relevant resources below with an asterisk (*... [More]

Add logging to the Data Profiling Task

Yesterday I was on a call where we looked at a few usability requests for the Data Profiling Task that didn't make it into RTM. One such request was task-specific logging. Surprise! The attentive developer at Microsoft Research had added it at the last moment, and few people had noticed. So this feature is not mentioned in BOL. Enabling task-specific logging for the Data Profiling task There's a DataProfilingTaskTrace logging event that's unique to this task that you want to enable, to capture... [More]