New 10-minute how-to videos on Integration Services

The Integration Services documentation team at Microsoft recently published its very first batch of 10-minute how-to videos. We hope that beginning to intermediate users will find these useful, and we're pleased to be taking some first steps beyond the written word of BOL.  You can find the entire list of 5 Integration Services and 3 Analysis Services videos at this MSDN page for SQL Server Videos. The Integration Services videos are: Creating a Basic Package (SQL Server Video)   (Thi... [More]

Text Mining with Term Lookup and Term Extraction

(Note: The Term Extraction and Term Lookup transformations are available in Integration Services only in the Enterprise edition of Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and 2008, and in the Developer and Evaluation editions which are variants of Enterprise.) The Term Extraction and Term Lookup transformations in Integration Services were developed for SQL Server 2005 by Microsoft Research in China. They are unchanged in SQL Server 2008. I'm fascinated by data mining and text mining, but haven't had much time t... [More]