Get looped, with your own custom Foreach Enumerator for SSIS

The lack of control flow structures such as looping was one of the main shortcomings of  Data Transformation Services (DTS). If you're nostalgic, just look at the scripting hoops that you had to jump through to loop, by disabling and re-enabling steps in the DTS package. Then Integration Services came along and blessed us with the Foreach Loop Container! Now your package can loop over most of the things you want to, just by selecting the right enumerator and setting properties in the dia... [More]

Upgrading Custom Components for SQL Server 2008 Integration Services

The SQL Server 2008 Books Online page in which we describe the steps for upgrading and redistributing custom components is now live: Upgrading Custom Objects for SQL Server 2008 Integration Services This topic is for shops that wrote a custom component for SQL Server 2005 Integration Services, and who now want to provide a new version of the same component for SQL Server 2008 Integration Services. If you choose to create a new version of your component for 2008, then in addition to recompiling against th... [More]