Restarting SSIS packages after failure

Last week while I was on vacation, my Microsoft colleague Steve Howard posted another detailed article on an aspect of SSIS that's frequently misunderstood - restarting SSIS packages after a failure. Steve is often asked to explain and demonstrate this feature during visits to customer sites, so he wrote it up on the TechNet Wiki in great detail with screenshots: Automatic Restart of SSIS packages after Failover or Failure He even has a suggestion for the tricky case where you don't want a Foreach... [More]

SSIS and clustering: What you should do instead

Lots of customers ask about configuring SQL Server Integration Services in a failover cluster. We recommend that you DON'T configure SSIS as a cluster resource. There are almost no benefits to doing so, and you can gain many of the benefits that you want by simple configuration changes. By editing the configuration file for the SSIS service on each node of a cluster, you can manage the packages on any node from any other node. For more information, please see the Books Online topic, Configuring Integrat... [More]