Using SSIS to republish SSRS reports in bulk

MSDN has recently published an article that explains how to update parameterized SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) reports in bulk by using a SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) package. The article, Bulk Report Generation using SSIS and SSRS 2008 R2, was written for MSDN by By Siddharth Mehta, Senior Technical Consultant for Business Information Management unit at Capgemini India Private Limited (Mumbai branch). You can read Siddharth Mehta’s blog about Microsoft BI at http://siddhumehta.blogs... [More]

Just Published: The Data Loading Performance Guide

Read the new white paper on optimizing bulk inserts from the SQLCAT team: The Data Loading Performance Guide Be prepared for technical depth, including hardware and networking optimizations!    

Stay up to date on SSIS downloads, articles, and community buzz

Looks like everyone's New Year's resolution was to get their Web sites in shape! New RSS feeds for Integration Services downloads, articles, and community content You can now stay up to date on the latest Integration Services downloads, articles, and community content by subscribing to the RSS feeds that we've made available on the SSIS portal page on MSDN and TechNet. We've been refreshing the news on the page every 2 weeks. In our "Community Buzz" column, we bring together some... [More]

See all the new SSIS articles, videos, and samples from Microsoft

Have you seen all the recent articles, videos, & samples for Integration Services? In the future, we hope to offer you an RSS feed for this purpose, but we're not there yet. For now, I hope that you find this list useful, especially since it was painfully tedious to create! (Note: When I look at this blog posting in Internet Explorer, I get an unexpected warning from the IE Phishing filter...probably because of all the hyperlinks set to open in a new window. I can reassure you that the only danger ... [More]

Didn't make it to the recent Microsoft BI Conference?

Well, you saved a ton of money, but missed a lot of fascinating presentations. Each hour brought another panicked decision over which talk to choose, from the several available tracks. (Except when Donald Farmer's title promised to make me "cool, smart, and sexy" by hearing about the Data Mining Add-ins for Excel.) But all is not lost! Content from many of the Integration Services presentations is, or will soon be, available... Official SSIS team blogger Matt Masson presented on "best practices for us... [More]

MSDN publishes first 2 articles by Integration Services product vendors

MSDN/TechNet has just published 2 new articles by third-party vendors of commercial products that work with, or complement, SQL Server Integration Services. In Extending Integration Services with the Script Task and Script Task Plus, Ivan Peev of CozyRoc talks about the built-in Script task, then discusses the additional features provided by Script Task Plus, a component that's included in the SSIS+ library from CozyRoc. For example, Script Task Plus lets you reuse the same script easily in more than o... [More]

New MSDN articles on Integration Services deployment and performance

The Microsoft MVPs and consultants who spend every day implementing real-world solutions with SQL Server Integration Services gain a wealth of practical knowledge that even the development team can't match. So we're very pleased to announce a first batch of articles in the MSDN Library from these experts, on the pressing issues of package deployment and performance. These aren't "buy our product" or "admire our benchmarks" whitepapers...these are bundles of best practices, what to do and what... [More]