Some of the XML schemas used by Integration Services are now published

We have recently published some but not all of the XML schemas used by SQL Server Integration Services to http://schemas.microsoft.com. Most (or all?) of our .XSD schema files are never installed to your hard drive, but are embedded in our compiled code as string resources. Now you can view some of those schemas online. What we have NOT published The .DTSX package schema. The schema for the service configuration file, MsDtsSrvr.ini.xml. The schema for XML configuration files. What we HAVE published The s... [More]

Speaking of writing Office XML...

In my third installment on Excel issues, I proposed writing out Excel XML rather than binary Excel files as one way to avoid both the issues of the Excel driver, and the risks of Excel automation. Recently I came across a DTS custom task that I wrote in Visual Basic.NET in 2004 that does exactly that, in a very basic single-table "proof of concept" kind of way...in Excel *and* Word XML, thank you very much. I've uploaded the source code here. I suspect that the Excel XML standard has evolved ... [More]