PowerShell with SSIS: More insights, installable extensions

Occasionally in the past I've mentioned approaches to using PowerShell to manage SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS). More recently I came across Sev17, the blog of PowerShell fiend Chad Miller. Chad has found limitations in the SSIS API that make it challenging to create an SSIS Provider for PowerShell. In the meantime, he has other insights to offer on the subject, as well as installable extensions for PowerShell. Chad's blog posts about SSIS and PowerShell including SSIS Reporting ... [More]

Running PowerShell tasks from an SSIS task

In an earlier blog post, I noted that there hasn't been much buzz about performing SSIS-related tasks with Windows PowerShell. But what if you want to perform PowerShell tasks with SSIS? A PowerShell Task for SSIS was released recently just for this purpose by /n Software. From their Web site: "The PowerShell SSIS Task is the 'swiss army knife' of SQL Server automation. It can be used to create highly-flexible SQL Server workflow solutions via easily configurable PowerShell scripts. When ... [More]

Webcast: Managing SSIS Package Deployments with PowerShell

Sign up to watch Session 18 of "24 Hours of PASS" on Wednesday, May 19th. This is the only SSIS session out of 24...understandable, maybe, since there are no new SSIS features in SQL Server 2008 R2 "Kilimanjaro." Here's the signup page and list of sessions: Here's the "more information" page: Here's the session description, copied and pas... [More]

Using PowerShell with SSIS: A compilation

All the buzz over Windows PowerShell has aroused my curiosity, but it's hard to justify spending the time to learn it if it doesn't have something to do with SQL Server Integration Services. So I tried to dig up some justification by searching around for "PowerShell AND SSIS". There's not much so far, but here's what I found... General discussion Buck Woody (Microsoft): Why would I use PowerShell when I have SSIS, stored procs, batch files and other mechanisms? MVP Jamie Thomson... [More]