Exporting data from SSIS to Excel 2007: Gotchas

The default Microsoft Excel 2007 file fomat, with the file extension .xslx, is in fact an XML file, or rather a Zip file that contains multiple XML files. However you can also save an Excel file in binary format, with the file extension .xlsb. For more information on Excel file formats, see File formats that are supported in Excel. Our SQL Server Books Online topic, How to: Connect to an Excel Workbook, contains incomplete and potentially misleading information when it tells you to set Extended Properties ... [More]

New SSIS samples from dev team and doc team

While the Integration Services development team has been busy finishing the custom component and code samples that Matt Masson recently blogged about, my hard-working colleague Carla Sabotta has been wrapping up a couple new package samples along with a new tutorial that walks through the steps of using the Import and Export Wizard. The dev team's code samples are largely intended for developers, while the package samples and tutorials are intended to benefit beginning users of Integration Ser... [More]

Conversion should be your own decision!

No, this isn't my first religious posting! We're talking about the SQL Server Import and Export Wizard, which was built upon Data Transformation Services (DTS) in SQL Server 2000, and is now built upon Integration Services in SQL Server 2005 and 2008. Some users have complained that the new wizard is more troublesome than the DTS wizard. "I never used to get errors in the good old days of DTS." But life was not all good. You didn't get so many errors and warnings from the DTS wizard because it som... [More]