Find the top Knowledge Base articles for DTS

Here are the top Microsoft Support Knowledge Base articles that SQL Server Data Transformation Services (DTS) customers have been reading. You may find them useful also. This time I've simply sorted the list from most viewed to least view, for the cumulative timeframe of FY06 through the incomplete F09. Yet one more big thank-you to my buddy Jason Howell, the SSIS guru in Microsoft Support, for sending us this additional list. KB No. Title 269074 INF: How to Run a DTS Package as a S... [More]

Design DTS packages reliably on Windows Server 2008 and Vista

Yesterday (Monday, Dec 15, 2008) Microsoft released Service Pack 3 for SQL Server 2005. This release includes an update to the Feature Pack, which includes the DTS Package Designer components for use with SQL Server 2005 Integration Services and SQL Server 2008 Integration Services. (There is NOT a separate release for SQL 2008.) This update fixes some issues that were discovered on Windows Vista and carried over to Windows Server 2008. To download the updated DTS package designer, Visit the SQL Server ... [More]

SQL Server 2008 Feature Pack and Integration Services

Bloggers (like my pal Buck Woody on his Carpe Datum blog) are mentioning the SQL Server 2008 Feature Pack. The so-called Feature Pack is a Web page that lists many individual downloads related to SQL Server 2008. Here are some of the features of the Feature Pack, especially as they relate to Integration Services: If you have SQL Server 2008, you already have many of the items listed on the Feature Pack page. The only item in the list that's specific to SSIS/DTS is the Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Backw... [More]

Speaking of writing Office XML...

In my third installment on Excel issues, I proposed writing out Excel XML rather than binary Excel files as one way to avoid both the issues of the Excel driver, and the risks of Excel automation. Recently I came across a DTS custom task that I wrote in Visual Basic.NET in 2004 that does exactly that, in a very basic single-table "proof of concept" kind of Excel *and* Word XML, thank you very much. I've uploaded the source code here. I suspect that the Excel XML standard has evolved ... [More]

64-bit Considerations for SQL Server Integration Services

Herewith my best effort to restate the contents of the Books Online topic, 64-bit Considerations for Integration Services, more simply and cleanly. Unfortunately the BOL topic has become quite messy over time, as one bandage is applied over another, and the costs of localization prevent me from trashing it and starting over. Please see the link for more details on any of the following points. Not much has changed in 64-bit support from SQL Server Integration Services 2005 to 2008. At least you no longe... [More]

DTS application properties

There's a dialog box of DTS application-wide settings that disappeared from SQL Server 2005 and 2008. It used to live on the context (right-click) menu of the DTS node in SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Manager. One day in a moment of spare time I set about to re-create it for use on a SQL Server 2005 or later computer with DTS support installed. Here's the VB.NET source code project. I described this in Books Online in Setting DTS Application Properties. Mine's on the right, the original... [More]

DTS support in SQL Server 2008 "Katmai"

[REVISED WITH ADDITIONAL INFORMATION SAT 5/24/08, MON 5/27/08, MON 10/13/08] It may seem ironic to start a new blog by talking about old stuff. But we all loved DTS in our youth, and it’s been a popular subject in my Inbox lately. Run-time support for DTS The good news for DTS users is that DTS receives the same degree of support in SQL Server 2008 “Katmai” as in SQL Server 2005 “Yukon”. The bad news is that it’s less convenient (in Katmai) to install that support. Run-t... [More]