Top Connect issues recently for SSIS

This afternoon I was testing to see whether I had VSTS installed correctly, and I clicked on one of my saved queries for Microsoft Connect items related to Integration Services. Whoa! People are NOT happy about the incompatibility with Visual Studio 2010 that Jeff Bernhardt recently addressed on the team blog! In fact, it looks like there were 97 things that people haven't been happy about in the last 90 days. Here are those 97 things, sorted in descending order by number of votes. I was going to ... [More]

Your vote on Microsoft Connect influenced SQL Server 2008 Service Pack 1

Your vote counts on Microsoft Connect! The SQL Server product team looked closely at Connect bugs from our customers to plan the fixes that will be included in SQL Server 2008 Service Pack 1. After setting aside feature requests (DCRs), they started at the top of bugs with the most votes, and worked their way down (in number of votes) until they reached the limit of what can realistically be fixed in time for SP1. It was time and resources that decided the number of bugs to fix, not a predetermined mag... [More]