API reference for built-in SSIS data flow components

Developers who want to create and update SSIS packages programmatically often wonder, "Where the heck is the API reference for all the built-in data flow sources, transformations, and destinations?" The short answer is: There isn't any. Why not? Because - at least at design time - an individual data flow component does not have any properties or public methods that are unique. A data flow component has only the properties and methods that it inherits from the base class, PipelineCompone... [More]

Not happy with a Books Online topic? Rewrite it yourself!

OK, you can't do this directly. But you can do the next best thing! Use the Community Content feature in the MSDN Library to add more information, examples, clarifications, or corrections for all to see. Let's take a look at this Integration Services page in SQL Server 2008 Books Online as an example (link opens in a new window): Configuring the Integration Services Service. To read community content: 1. At the top of the article, observe the Community Content box at the upper right. For this BOL topic, you... [More]