Making SSIS work with the 64-bit Excel (ACE) provider

I've previously blogged about the challenges of the new 64-bit ACE Provider that includes the Excel driver, since the 32-bit and 64-bit versions cannot be installed side-by-side. In this detailed post that includes screen shots, Hrvoje Piasevoli from Croatia describes 2 approaches for working with the 64-bit driver from SSIS: Importing data from 64bit Excel in SSIS Since the author's 2 workarounds are (1) the Import and Export Wizard and (2) OPENROWSET, not all users will find them completely satisfying. A ... [More]

Download beta of new 64-bit Excel driver

<tap><tap> Is this thing on? If you've been curious to test the 64-bit version of the provider and driver for Excel, you can download it from: You specify "Excel 14.0" in the Extended Properties string if, in fact, your are connecting to an Office 14 file. Keep in mind that the 32-bit and 64-bit providers cannot be installed side-by-side. As previously discussed here... [More]

64-bit Excel Driver in Microsoft Office 14

First, the good news... If you use SQL Server Integration Services to load data to or from Excel files or Access databases, then a 64-bit driver is headed your way. This is great news for SSIS users in a 64-bit world. Soon you'll be able to run your packages in 64-bit mode on 64-bit computers, rather than wrestle with obscure settings to force some packages to 32-bit mode. The next version of Microsoft Office, Office 14, will be available in a 64-bit version. This version will include a 64-bit version... [More]

Debug your packages in 32-bit or 64-bit mode

At run time, you decide the "bitness" of Integration Services package execution on a 64-bit computer by running the 32-bit or the 64-bit version of the dtexec.exe command prompt utility. At design time in Business Intelligence Development Studio, you can also specify the "bitness" for running the package from within BIDS. The default setting is 64-bit execution. (This setting is ignored on a 32-bit computer, or if you've only installed 32-bit SQL Server on a 64-bit computer.) But on a 64-bit computer, ... [More]

64-bit Considerations for SQL Server Integration Services

Herewith my best effort to restate the contents of the Books Online topic, 64-bit Considerations for Integration Services, more simply and cleanly. Unfortunately the BOL topic has become quite messy over time, as one bandage is applied over another, and the costs of localization prevent me from trashing it and starting over. Please see the link for more details on any of the following points. Not much has changed in 64-bit support from SQL Server Integration Services 2005 to 2008. At least you no longe... [More]